Sunday, March 9, 2014

Terrorsekt Pictures

Here we have some pictures of terrorsekt, logo's and graphics for your viewing pleasures, We've been Terrorsekt since Late August 2010, I have to give many of thanks to the stars that I could write music never the less industrial music, I write music in many of styles but ebm, or electronic body music, is my lifeline, my ticket to recognition, I make this music because it says a lot about the world around me, cold steel industrial town that was a very dangerous place to live at one time or another, I've heard stories and this is where my lyrics, poems, writings and stories come into play with the world I see, I dream of in this place.

I think that visuals to music make a big difference and can make a person's music listening experience better which video's and pictures of such things the music talks about you can easily get a picture in your head about what the lyrics are all about.

Terrorsekt @ Soundcloud


We are Terrorsekt, Me and Emerson Felix F. whose been in bands professionally, me I'm kind of a newcomer to the scene as we make EBM, that is Anhalt EBM, Oldschool EBM, Aggrotech, Dark Electro, ect. Industrial, you get the picture, we met by chance and have since 2010 become great friends and share an interest for music and music production and which led us to Terrorsekt. Terrorsekt is a combination of two band names Tactical Sekt and I took both names and combined them and wrote the name down for further use which came in handy because when we got together to start one project I passed him a couple of names to look at so we decided on Terrorsekt.

We make EBM, but we ourselves make different styles then eachother and we have together a unique reportroit of songs and sounds that we've crafted from initialize presets and factory sounds, I always make sounds from scratch but I will share some things here and will upload to our terrorsekt account, presets and samples used in some of our works and projects. I like to share, I like to think that by sharing I open the door to possibilities for everyone.

What are we doing right now, we are putting together songs that we will make into an album but it takes time from our busy schedules to make music together the both of us so we will make the best of what's to come our way as I and Emerson are having hang-ups and need issues resolved among other things so we will update you soon on what is to come your way from Terrorsekt.